Gas Fireplaces

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Gas Fireplaces

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We also service gas fireplaces. It’s important to have your gas logs (gas fireplace) unit cleaned and inspected annually for proper operation and safety. We charge a Flat Rate for our Full Service on these units. This is a Full Service situation which includes: cleaning, regular maintenance, diagnostic of any issues, fresh embers, cleaning glass, troubleshooting, safety inspection and checking for gas leaks. Any needed repairs or parts beyond our Full Service will be discussed with customer before proceeding.

It’s so satisfying to have a beautiful and working gas fireplace in the home! As with any gas appliance, safety first! Have it checked annually when you do the tune-up on your furnace.

Gas Fireplace FAQ

How Long Do Gas Logs Last?

The logs themselves are made of either cement or fiberglass. Over time the finishes will wear away and internally fall apart. Care needs to be taken especially with the first burn of the season. Moisture builds up inside and especially with cement logs if over heated will cause damage. We recommend the first burn to have them run for 10-15 minutes and shut them off for 1 hour. Repeat this a second time, this will allow the logs to warm up and release the moisture. Also over time and use, components can rust and will have to be replaced. If kept maintained they can last you a long time.

Pilot Light Has Gone Out?

Most gas logs have a pilot light, this is a safety mechanism and how the burner gets lit. Some newer models have an electronic ignition and will light the pilot itself. If your pilot has gone out do not worry unless you smell gas the system has shut itself down. As noted this is a safety mechanism, there is a part right beside the pilot that when the flame is hitting it an internal safety will keep the gas valve open. If too much debris, heavy winds, defective safety, or dirty pilot can cause the pilot to go out. Relighting your pilot is simple. Usually there is instructions either under the logs or behind them. There are plenty of how to videos and instruction on the internet. If you are unsure how to do this we recommend you schedule a maintenance.

The Glass Is Fogged up, How Do I Clean It?

First, make sure the glass is cold to touch, next would recommend laying out a protective covering on the floor like a towel or drop cloth. Every manufacturer is a little different some have clips on the bottom and secured on the top by a lip, others will have clips on top and bottom. Once the glass has been removed place it on the protective covering. The best cleaner to use is a glass cooktop cleaner, it is more of a polish and will to the best job at removing the film, read and follow the cleaners labels for best results.